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Typical Lost Cat Situation

This is a common occurrence -- Miss Kitty has been missing for several days. We've suspected all along that she is staying near her house, and our camera caught her on the first night that we had it out. BUT, 3 other cats and a raccoon have also shown up! It's not uncommon for community cats to keep a resident cat from coming home. Especially if the resident cat is skittish, which Miss Kitty is. We know the owner of 1 of the cats, and they have agreed to keep her inside at night. 1 cat is new to the homeowner, as she has never seen it before. The cameras are a critical tool in our lost pet recovery -- they give us eyes 24/7. We know more about what is going on at home than the homeowners do!

So, what is our game plan? Trap whichever cat goes in the trap, and he/she will come home with one of us for a little "vacation". Put another trap out, and again, trap whomever gets in it. This will clear the way for the resident cat to come home without being pushed away.

As for the raccoon(s), we will put food out that will be attractive to them, but not to a cat, and the food will be away from the trap so as not to encouraging his/her coming back. Fruits, vegetables, marshmallows, and cookies are foods that we use. No meats, as that will attract the cats. And we want the cats to go to the trap!

Hopefully, we will have Miss Kitty home within a few days!

Cat never seen before by the homeowner. He may have to be trapped and come home with us for a few days.

Cat who lives across the street and is kept in at night.

Miss Kitty -- the "missing" cat!


This cat lives somewhere close by, but we don't know which house. He may have to be trapped and come home with us for a few days.

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