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It's a Game Changer for the Hard to Capture Cats!

Recently, we've had several cases dealing with trap savvy cats. After trying to trap them using cat traps and a drop trap, and having no success, we switched to a 48" dog trap and attached our Tomahawk remote control to the side. We've had immediate success!! We caught a severely injured community cat (who has now been given vet care and is on the mend), and a pet who had been avoiding capture for 30 days! Because of the large size, the cats seem to trust it more, and there is very little hesitation in entering. Because you control when the door shuts, any animal can come and go and you are able to select who to capture. And you don't have to worry that the animal does not weigh enough to trigger the trip plate! #TomahawkTraps #AnimalTrapsAndSupplies #HardtoTrapCats #TNR #LostPetRescue

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